Sycamore Tree Cafe

Open Monday – Friday, from 8am until 4.30pm,
serving breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon tea.
185 Burgundy St Heidelberg VIC 3084, (03) 9458 4279
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The Sycamore Tree Coffee Shop started 26 years ago, with a vision of providing a face for the church in the Burgundy Street precinct. The Tree is staffed by volunteers who are drawn from the church, the local community and via volunteer networks. We also provide a caring environment for those who may wish to re-enter the workforce, or who need to learn hospitality skills. Over the years the Sycamore Tree has also donated any excess profits back into other community and church organisations.
On any day you may find a mix of customers drawn from passing trade, the nearby hospitals and offices and the church community who avail themselves of the warm welcome and caring hospitality of the Sycamore Tree staff.

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The Sycamore Tree Coffee Shop serves STREAT Coffee. Find out more by clicking below.Sycamore streat-logo