Sycamore Streat pic

The Sycamore Tree Coffee Shop is now serving STREAT coffee! STREAT is a Melbourne group who train homeless young people to become baristas and hospitality workers. They have their own coffee roastery and café in Flemington, a city café in McKillop Street and a new coffee bar in Melbourne Central. They roast the coffee on a Thursday and deliver it to us on Friday – so we know our coffee is fresh!

We’ve been re-training our staff to help them create a great cup of coffee, so let us know what you think! (We’ve also been investing in some proper teacups, so when you order our tea, not only will it taste great – you’ll enjoy drinking it out of a proper teacup!!)

The Tree also has a new menu coming – with an expanded breakfast collection as well as some new lunch dishes. We’d like to hear what you’d like to eat, so let us know what you think and we’ll do our best to assist.